Broad Investment Flexibility

Current and Select Past Investments

Without the integrity of our private equity professionals and our enduring relationships, the quality of our investor partnerships and indeed, our compelling array of industries would suffer. Our testimony is found in our success.


While not limited to any specific industry or category, our firm is primarily focused on U.S. based partnerships. However, we’re open to consideration of opportunities in Canada and Western Europe as well. In addition to our broad market approach, we will consider out-of-favor industries, and industries in a secular decline that require a contrarian investment approach. We’ve developed significant experience in the following industries:

Streamland Media

Streamland Media is home to Picture Shop, Ghost VFX, Ingenuity Studios, Formosa Group and Picture Head. Through these renowned brands, we provide post production expertise across the globe, offering picture, visual effects, sound and marketing services to the industry’s top filmmakers and content creators.

Verrex, LLC

Verrex is an Audio Video Systems Integration and Services company based in Mountainside, New Jersey which was founded in 1947. The company specializes in complex design-and-build audio and visual communications technologies, helping companies connect through video conferencing, audio conferencing, collaboration, presentation, training, video display, and AV/IT integrated systems. The company is focused on the corporate client market and multi-national education institutions. Verrex’s global operations are supported by offices in Europe, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Mob Scene, LLC

Mob Scene is an award winning and Emmy® nominated entertainment advertising, behind the scenes and original content company located in Beverly Hills and known for its work on Avatar, True Blood, Man Of Steel, Argo and the X-Men franchise, and for its original series; including FX’s Anarchy Afterword and FX Movie Download.

Cosmetic Design Group, LLC

Cosmetic Design Group is a leader in custom design and formulation for quality beauty products, serving the retail industry for over 20 years both domestically and internationally. CDG offers a diverse range of nail and cosmetic products, specializing in full turnkey solutions and effectively providing a complete one-stop design and sourcing service for national brands and retail customers. CDG boasts over 1000 SKUs of in-line and promotional products across the value and mid-priced segments, complemented by a growing portfolio of prestige branded offerings, which are sold in over 5,000 retail locations.

Beautisol Skincare

Beautisol Skincare is focused on the sun care industry including self-tanners, bronzers, SPF and sun maintenance products such as body moisturizers. While the brand is currently focused on the sunless tanning market, it is poised to become a leader in skincare related to “everything under the sun,” including sun protection, moisturizing, bronzing, and anti-aging products.

Multi Dimension, Inc. (“MDI”)

Multi Dimension, Inc. (“MDI”) is a consumer products innovation company that designs and markets consumer electronics, advanced cookware, health & wellness, body metrics products, wearable technology (e.g., smart watches), and home décor technology (e.g., home LED lighting). MDI specializes in the art of design and simplified user interfaces for technology products, fusing aesthetically attractive designs with technology and home décor styling. Current products include the patent pending Convectop cooking lid, Vera Wang and Waterford Crystal digital photo frames made under exclusive worldwide license, Android tablets, a device called Share IT that “mirrors content on your smart phone/tablet with your TV without a home WiFi network”, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and an FDA approved and patented electronic pulse massager.

American Sand & Gravel

American Sand & Gravel mines, produces, and delivers aggregate products. The company operates three production facilities, strategically located throughout the Las Vegas Valley. The Company sells primarily construction-grade sand, gravel and rock products, including .75″ and 1.5″ sized aggregates, Type II road base, landscaping sand, pit run, and rip-rap. The bulk of the Company’s sales are to contractors and subcontractors for use in developing infrastructure such as utilities, grading, fill, and roadways.

Peerless Injection Molding

Peerless Injection Molding is a custom injection molder, tooling supplier and contract manufacturer. The Company was founded in 1975 and serves customers in the medical, dental, agricultural, sporting goods, construction and office products markets. Peerless occupies a 51,000 square foot facility in Gardena, CA.